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A gynecologist is a women’s health care that focuses on the reproductive system. Gynecologist Oslo deal with a wide range of health issues include childbirth surgery, childbirth delivery, pregnancy period, menstruation, hormone disorder, sexually transmitted disease, and other fertility issues.

A gynecologist also provides the primary care service for the patient. Pregnant women and unborn children care, as well as childbirth and the health of women soon after giving birth. Gynecologists also deliver babies. Women should visit the gynecologist at least once a year when she is sexually active. A woman should visit before planning to pregnant. 

What gynecologists Oslo do

When women visit a gynecologist, a gynecologist performs various physical tests to examine reproductive health. Gynecologists Oslo physically examines with some tests include pap smear (to detect cancer in the uterus), STD (sexually transmitted diseases), breast examination (development of beast frequently), and examine if women using birth control pills. So it is essential to visit a gynecologist for a yearly checkup, and if any disease occurs, early treatment performs. 

A woman who is going to birth a child should visit gynecologists every month because a gynecologist will monitor the fetus and the mother’s health during pregnancy. If any complication found during pregnancy, gynecologist Oslo will refer healthy exercises that would help your regular delivery. 

If a woman has diabetes, then a gynecologist will properly guide her about the diseases that affect the reproductive organs. Gynecologist Oslo must check internal organs and diseases, including polycystic ovaries syndrome, cervical cancer, and virginal infections.

Many women complain about urinary infection or pain in the abdominal or sexual pain, so the gynecologist examines women and performs if any minor surgery is required. 

Gynecologist Oslo treats you about:

  • Examine the virginal, uterus, and ovaries also do Pelvic checkup. 
  • Regular checkup of the breast for any abnormality (breast cancer, not producing milk during pregnancy). 
  • Check pre-cancerous conditions in the cervix. 

If minor surgery of reproductive organs needed, then a gynecologist can perform:

  • Removal of uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tube if cancerous cells produced. 
  • Treatment of the pelvic conditions (ovaries cysts or infection) due to which abnormality of menstruation occurs. 
  • Gynecologists examine the pre-cancerous cells and treat them if there is no treatment left, then the last option is to remove that organ. 

Women’s health is essential to reproduce a new life, so regular checkup is necessary. Gynecologist Oslo gives a piece of honest advice and treatment. You can freely talk everything about your sexual intercourse. Your sexual history matters a lot to study your case. If women want a healthy life ahead, then never hide anything from your gynecologist Oslo. A gynecologist will never judge you, but he must relieve you from the disease. 


What should you discuss from your gynecologist?

Abnormal periods:

If you have painful periods and the pain is getting worse over time, you must consult a gynecologist Oslo. It is the sign of endometrioses; you should talk with a gynecologist because there is a way to treat it. Cramps, headaches, nausea, and breast soreness are common problems and not worry about it, but if the condition gets severe, then you must talk with the doctor.  

Vaginal odor:

The usual smell of the vagina is healthy, but if you observe a foul or fishy smell, consult a doctor. There is bacterial growth in the vagina, which causes the smell, so do not shy and talk with gynecologists. 

Sexual pain:

If you have pain during sexual intercourse, then try a different position of sex. If you still have pain by changing the position, consult with the gynecologist, she will examine you, and help improve the pain. 

Involuntary urinary or bowel movement:

Urinary or fecal leakage is uncomfortable and lowers the quality of living. Involuntary urinary or feces leakage is common after childbirth or a woman enter the menopause stage. Consult the gynecologist and talk about your conditions for treatment. 


Women are advised to visit gynecologist Oslo for a yearly checkup. When she becomes sexually active or cam visit gynecologists when she has symptoms to concern a doctor. Healthy women live a healthy life and can do multiple tasks. Take care of women is essential because, without women, there is no life. The world becomes beautiful with women, so take care of your women and stay healthy.